The world is changing. Are you ready? 

New technology is transforming the way projects are designed, engineered, built and managed.  The Big Giant Group's 3D generated models is the first step that firms of all sizes can take to improve milestone documentation, ensure quality control and quickly assess the project status.  Our construction management suite helps contractors and subcontractors improve construction planning, produce faster results and finish projects on budget to increase profit margins. 

Win More Bids

Building owners want the construction of their buildings to be well documented.   The Big Giant Group's 3D Virtual Models help building owners save time and money throughout the building lifecycle from initial planning to ongoing operations and maintenance.  Stand out from the competition and provide owners with superior construction documentation for long-term facilities management

 Be Lean and Effecient

 Streamline your virtual design process and reduce construction costs by allowing virtual imaging be the foundation of your BIM process.  This speeds up the documentation process and helps keep project costs low. 

Improve Methods

Get all stakeholders on the same page by recording vital project details, conveying instructions and generating 3D measurements as needed.  Provide your as-built drawings to engineer with the tools they need to be efficient and eliminate return visits for forgotten measurements for any pipe, truss or beam.

Get Started 

1. Render Your Job Site

Create a Virtual 3D Model of your job site. You can view the job site through the Doll House, inside or floor plan view.

2. Track Milestones

We offer 30% / 70% / 100% Completion Packages and can create a custom schedule based on your project's needs. We can also provide weekly scans if you desire to serve as an ongoing collaboration tool between the architect, GC, construction manager, subcontractors, and owner.

3. Annotate, Measure and Distribute

The Big Giant Group can manage vital project data from your models or provide your stakeholders with access to in-browser tools to manage this information internally.  With our WebGL-based player, anyone can view and interact with 3D models right from their browser via a link that can shared by text, email or accessed from your intranet.  Notes can be added that involve inspection updates, upcoming construction work, or RFIs. The software allows you to measure to ensure quality control without leaving from behind your desk.

                             OSHA 10 Certified

                           OSHA 10 Certified